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Unlimited Time, Completely Free! Nstbrowser v1.0.0 Officially Released
Unlimited Profiles and Teams, and a Fully Free Anti-Detect Browser
Apr 19, 2024

Nstbrowser, a top-notch anti-detect browser, is designed for managing multiple accounts, web scraping, and management. This effective fingerprint browser offers unparalleled real fingerprints, scraping solutions, and automation tools.

It is compatible with Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium, which provides a seamless experience by integrating proxy management and unlocking technologies. Nstbrowser has been regarded as the best choice for web scraping and multi-account management!

So, are there any special and exciting features of this update? Begin reading and unveiling the secret in this blog!

Nstbrowser 1.0.0 Is Available!

Now, Nstbrowser 1.0.0 Official Version is released! The new version brings a more realistic fingerprint library and a better user experience, and most importantly, Nstbrowser is now completely free to use!

Nstbrowser free to use

What Are the Major Updates of Nstbrowser 1.0.0?

1. Totally Free Option

Now, we offer you two exciting subscription options:

  • Free subscription: Free Professional version provides with 1000 profile launching times per day, unlimited browser profiles and team quantity, but only 5 team members will be allowed.

  • Enterprise Subscription: Priced as low as $179 per month (Annual Billing), users can enjoy unlimited environment launches, profile quantity, and team scale.

Compared to other similar anti detect browsers, our subscription plans have significant competitive advantages:

Nstbrowser free subscription

2. Comprehensive Upgrade of Product Features

This update not only brings more favorable subscription plans but also provides users with comprehensive upgrades of product functions:

Fully Free RPA Features

  • Support for multi-concurrent RPA execution, faster startup speed, and higher execution efficiency.
  • Execution in headless mode saves running resources.
  • More step nodes, complete automation of workflows without code.
Workflows of Nstbroeser
RPA Marketplace of Nstbrowser

Customized Solutions

  • We have launched the Cloudflare solution based on cloud browsers and powerful fingerprint libraries, which can quickly solve Cloudflare's Turnstile and Challenge, helping you collect data without obstacles.
  • We provide more customized service functions, and you can contact us at any time to propose your customized requirements.
Customized Solutions

Why the Nstbrowser Is Better than Any Other AntiDetect Browser?

In the digital market, there are numerous antidetect browsers with different functions, aimed at different users. So what potential and special makes Nstbrowser superior to other products? We will demonstrate that for you with following 3 main comparisons.


The most basic and free Professional plan is provided to all users and takes effect by default. This groundbreaking update satisfies the most users. Yes! It is completely free. In contrast, no other fingerprint browser product is willing to offer so many profiles to free users.

Basic default plans

Subscription Nstbrowser-Free
gologin-Professional multilogin-Solo
Price $0/yr $49/mo $99/mo
Browser Profiles Unlimited 100 100
Daily Profile
1000/daily / /
Team Unlimited 0 0
Team Member 5 0 0
RPA √ Γ— Γ—
RPA Marketplace √ Γ— Γ—
API √ √ √

Nstbrowser Subscription Prices

Subscription Free
Price $0/yr As low as $179(yrοΌ‰
Browser Profiles Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Profile
1000/daily Unlimited
Team Unlimited Unlimited
Team Member 5 Unlimited
RPA √ √
RPA Marketplace √ √
API √ √

For all users, we provide unlimited configurations, so you can easily set up hundreds or thousands of environment profiles without any restrictions. You can persistently and fully try out your business, and we hope to help you.

8 Wonderful Services of Nstbrowser to Solve Your Problem

We are committed to becoming your preferred partner in the field of web scraping, multi-account management, and automation. We continue to provide more innovative services and functions to meet your growing needs and expectations.

1. Cloudflare Bypass

The Cloudflare automated solution uses Nstbrowser's real fingerprint and smart IP rotation technology to easily bypass Cloudflare's Turnstile and Challenge, accessing 99.9% of websites without obstacles. The solution also supports high concurrency, significantly improving request efficiency.

2. NstbrowserRPA

We provide fully free RPA and a rich RPA Marketplace. Search for the automation process you want to achieve in the RPA Marketplace, add it with one click, and then, start using it. Unique headless mode and local concurrency features allow multiple RPA tasks to be executed simultaneously, helping you improve task execution efficiency and save running resources.

3. Cloud Services

Store your environment profiles and data securely in the cloud, and you can run your environments and RPA tasks through the cloud, helping you save resources and improve the efficiency of large-scale tasks, making it easier to complete tasks and goals.

4. Browserless

A fully hosted automated headless browser that helps you easily achieve web automation scraping, evade robots, and bypass captchas by combining with Nstbrowser's real fingerprint and smart IP rotation technology.

5. Web Unlocker

Combining Nstbrowser's real fingerprint, smart IP rotation technology, captcha solutions, automatic retries, and other automated functions, we provide a fully automated website unlocking solution to help you solve the trouble of webpage interception and achieve seamless access to any website.

6. Proxy Manager

Seamlessly connect your HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxies. When creating environments in batches, select multiple proxies to correspond to proxy batches for creating environments, or configure multiple proxies in one environment for rotation and use.

7. Headless Browser

The headless browser helps you better handle page interaction and challenges by simulating natural user behavior, making it easier for you to quickly browse websites and easily extract public data from complex web pages, effectively reducing your resource usage.

8. More Customized Features

We provide and support more customized services and functions for you. You can contact us at any time to propose your customized requirements.

11 Fields Nstbrowser Can Work for:

As long as careful management of multiple accounts is needed, the antidetect browser can play a role. Here are specific areas of work where Nstbrowser comes into play.

1. Multi-Account Operations πŸ“ˆ

Effectively managing numerous accounts on social media or e-commerce platforms requires isolating the activities of each account. The anti-detect browser, Nstbrowser allows the simultaneous operation of multiple accounts from one device without detection.

2. Web Scraping πŸ•·οΈ

Automatically extracting data from websites, especially when facing anti-robot technology and captchas, is will be a challenge. However, one antidetect browser can disguise scraping bots as legitimate users, enabling more effective and uninterrupted data collection.

3. Automation Workflows πŸ€–

Explore the infinite possibilities of automation workflows! With our technology, you can easily automate the execution of web tasks and web data scraping. Our tools can automatically complete tasks such as web scraping, data entry and processing, form filling, automatic screenshots, and file downloads.

Let repetitive and regular work be done automatically, freeing up your time and energy to focus on more valuable affairs. Explore the charm of automation workflows with us and let technology accelerate your work efficiency!

4. Affiliate Marketing πŸ’Ό

In affiliate network marketing, using multiple accounts is a common strategy to expand coverage and opportunities. Categorizing products and promoting them through different accounts can enhance your marketing effectiveness.

5. Online Advertising πŸ“’

Multiple advertising accounts can increase exposure and conversion opportunities. Our anti-detect browser allows access to different ad positions and increases the likelihood of campaign success.

6. E-commerce Platforms πŸ›’

Selling products in different regions and categories on an e-commerce platform can promote your business. However, multiple account detection by the platform may lead to bans. Please don't be anxious! Nstbrowser can definitely help you to avoid this situation.

7. Bounty & Airdrop πŸ’°

Participating in cryptocurrency bounties and airdrops often requires maintaining multiple accounts to receive tokens. Antidetect browser can conceal your digital footprint, allowing you to participate in various activities without triggering fraud detection systems.

8. Market Research πŸ”

Thorough market research requires a broad and unbiased view of the market. This kind of fingerprint browser can simulate visits from different locations and devices, providing more accurate insights without being affected by personalized content or restrictions.

9. Privacy and Security 🎭

Maintaining online privacy is crucial for sensitive research and browsing. Nstbrowser will enhance anonymity by obfuscating your online activities, protecting you from tracking and data analysis.

10. Digital Agencies 🏒

Digital agencies manage advertising campaigns and profiles on various platforms and need to avoid cross-contamination of user data. An anti-detect browser facilitates secure management of client accounts individually.

11. Data Collection for AI Analysis 🧠

Collecting different datasets is essential for training complex AI models, such as Language Learning Models (LLMs), Retrieve Augmented Generators (RAGs), or Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT). The antidetect browser can help collect large amounts of data by bypassing prohibitions and restrictions set by websites.

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affiliate program of Nstbrowser

Time to Enjoy Now

To dig out whole secret of Nstbrowser, visit Nstbrowser's official website for more information about features, pricing, and how to integrate Nstbrowser into your web scraping and automation workflows.