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What is Bounty & Airdrop?

"Bounty" and "Airdrop" are integral terms in the cryptocurrency sphere. A bounty program is a strategic initiative employed by companies to incentivize individuals or groups to undertake specific tasks. These tasks, often associated with the development or promotion of a project, are rewarded frequently with cryptocurrency. On the other hand, an airdrop represents a mass distribution of complimentary cryptocurrency tokens to a plethora of wallet addresses. This tactic is commonly utilized to generate buzz around a new cryptocurrency or to gratify the existing user base of a platform.

What are some examples of Bounty & Airdrop websites?
Make the most of crypto with multiple accounts

Using multiple accounts in the crypto industry always means more opportunities to profit. In the case of IDO lotteries, you can use multiple accounts to increase your chances of being whitelisted for an offer. Multiple searches and requests can be made with dozens of accounts for coin boosting. But you should watch out — crypto sites increasingly sophisticated methods of detecting multiple accounts, even if they are legitimate accounts from different contacts who have passed the KYC checks. Merely a minor leak of information will show that you are not who you claim to be - even it's just a mismatch of fonts on your devices.

How to use Nstbrowser for Bounty & Airdrop?
Boost your coins
Diversify your cryptocurrency opportunities by utilizing multi-accounting. This will significantly enhance your likelihood of being accepted onto tokensale whitelists, as well as receiving rewards such as bounties, airdrops, and NFT mints.
Automate your processes
Automate repetitive tasks required to participate in airdrops and qualify for token sale whitelists.
Compliance through verification checks
Generate many accounts that can be compliant with KYC verification without any additional concerns.
Promote your cryptocurrency
Take advantage of multi-accounting to market and spread awareness of your own cryptocurrency or NFT-token in various crypto communities.
Identification protection
By offering anonymous browsing and privacy protection features, the fingerprint browser prevents personal information leakage and safeguards user privacy rights and data security.
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