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What is Digital Agencies?

Online advertising known as paid advertising involves marketers bidding to participate in real-time auctions to display their ads on a specific network or platform for a particular audience. Thanks to the algorithms of advertising platforms, you can target individuals searching for specific products or with certain interests or behaviors, increasing your chances of reaching your intended audience through online ads.

What is an example of a Digital Agency website?
No possibility of fast switching between ad accounts:

When managing client profiles on ad platforms, the marketing specialist has to switch between them all the time. Logging off one profile and immediately logging in to another account. Anti-fraud systems treat all these actions as suspicious. Therefore, the platform systems require the logging-in user to enter a code from an SMS that came to the account owner's phone. This procedure can be repeated two times a day. As a result, clients lose their patience. And together with this, the target audience has more and more doubts concerning the agency specialists' professionalism. This, together with the action of other negative factors, leads not only to reputation loss but also to serious financial loss to the company.

How to use Nstbrowser for Digital Agencies?
Dependable evaluation of advertising concepts
Make accounts with customized settings and evaluate the effectiveness of ad campaigns through flexible and comprehensive configurations.
Target specific audiences based on key criteria
Launch ad campaigns across multiple accounts and analyze their effectiveness for each individual target audience by spreading them out.
Boost the number of advertisements
Enhance the effectiveness of promoting your brand by utilizing multi-accounting to vary advertising messages.
Study your rivals
Monitor the advertising strategies and innovative content of your rivals from the perspective of the intended audience.
Seeding opinions and managing reputations
Establish reliable accounts for the purpose of promoting viewpoints through social media platforms or influential forums and media outlets.
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