Web Scraping & Automation

Effortlessly execute complex data scraping and collecting.

Large-Scale Web Scraping and Automation Tasks Solution

Achieve web scraping and automation without infrastructure worries

Unblocked and Unhindered Web Scraping

Nstbrowser's anti-detection solutions and authentic browser fingerprints can simulate real user behavior, ensuring unblocked.

Effective and Reliable Intelligent IP Rotation

Nstbrowser rotates the IPs to adapt the appropriate scenarios and features an automatic retry function, meeting the needs of web crawlers.

Scalable Cloud Hosting Service

Seamlessly integrate with the cloud to effortlessly achieve fully managed, large-scale crawler management and automation.

Real-Time Monitoring

Nstbrowser can monitor scraping status, configure runtime states, log records, and receive error alerts and notifications easily to help you efficiently manage large-scale web scrapers.

Simplify Web Scraping and Automation

Intelligent IP rotation

Nstbrowser enhances anonymity in web scraping and automation tasks by intelligently rotating IPs, bypassing website restrictions, and preventing detection.

Web Unblocker

Unlock restricted or blocked web content for seamless access to any web page, achieving web scraping and automation effortlessly.

Anti-Detection Bot

Nstbrowser integrates Browser Fingerprinting, Web Unblocker, Intelligent Proxy Rotation, and CAPTCHA solving service to bypass anti-bot detection.


High-quality residential proxy pools from around the world help you bypass anti-bot detection, enabling you to easily accomplish web scraping and automation tasks.

Useful Data Collection Solution for Any Field

Product Data

Collect from e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay, including product information, prices, and URLs. This helps you gain market insights and improve pricing strategies.

Market Research

Collect, analyze, and interpret information on specific markets, industries, or target audiences to predict and analyze market changes, supporting business decisions.

Social Media

Explore data and information across various social media platforms for market and user analysis, gathering potential customer information.

Search Engine Optimization

Collect SEO data, develop or optimize search engine strategies, track keywords, and formulate keyword strategies.

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