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Cloudflare Error 1015: What Is It and How to Avoid It?
This article provides an in-depth look at the causes, effects, and potential solutions to Cloudflare Error 1015, revealing how users and webmasters can effectively deal with this challenge.
May 24, 2024

Cloudflare Error 1015 is a rate-limiting error and it usually displayed as “You are being rate limited”. This means that you have sent too many requests to the server and your IP address has been temporarily limited to the site. The limitation is usually caused by exceeding the rate limit set by the site owner or Cloudflare itself.

Error 1015

How to solve this trouble?

It's time to try the 4 methods in this article!

What Causes Cloudflare Error 1015?

The main cause of Error 1015 is exceeding the rate limit set for a specific IP address. This can happen in a number of situations:

  1. High Traffic: Users or automated scripts making a large number of requests to the site in a short period of time may trigger the rate limit. This is often seen during web scraping or running automated bots.
  2. DDoS Protection: To protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Cloudflare uses rate limiting as a defense mechanism. IP addresses may be temporarily blocked if they make requests at a rate similar to a DDoS attack.
  3. Application Misconfiguration: Sometimes legitimate applications can be misconfigured and inadvertently make too many requests. For example, a poorly designed API client may request data repeatedly in a loop.
  4. Shared IP Addresses: Users behind a shared IP address, such as those on a corporate network or using a VPN, may collectively exceed the rate limit, even if individual usage is within acceptable limits.

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Here are 4 methods you can use to fix this error:

  • Method 1: Limit the number of requests
  • Method 2: Get an advanced proxy
  • Method 3: Create different browser fingerprints for access through Nstbrowser.
  • Method 4: Dynamic proxy via Nstbrowser proxy group

Method 1: Limit the Number of Requests

As we said before, a large number of requests to a website in a short period of time is likely to trigger rate limiting. So to avoid Cloudflare Error 1015, make sure that the frequency of requests sent from the client is within the allowed range:

  • When writing scripts or programs to access website APIs, consider increasing the interval between initiating requests.
  • When using a particular API, check its documentation for rate limits and make sure your requests are within the limits.

If you think your request frequency is normal, try contacting the site administrator or support team to explain the situation and request that the rate limit be lifted.

Method 2: Get an Advanced Proxy

Proxy servers can spread the load of requests and prevent a single IP address from sending too many requests. IP rotation allows the site to see you as a different user and ultimately avoids Cloudflare Error 1015.

To avoid access restrictions
Nstbrowser provides intelligent IP rotation technology.

Method 3: Create Different Browser Fingerprints for Access through Nstbrowser

Nstbrowser provides real browser fingerprints and it takes only 3 steps to solve the “Cloudflare Error 1015” issue after registration:

  • Create multiple profiles
  • Launch profiles
  • Access the target website

Step 1. Create multiple profiles

Create batch profiles
Create multiple profiles

Step 2. Launch profiles

launch Nstbrowser profile

Step 3. Visit the target website

Access the target website through Nstbrowser

Method 4: Dynamic Proxies via Nstbrowser Proxy Groups

You can also use Nstbrowser to set up a proxy for Profile to realize group dynamic proxy, to ensure your browser is away from Cloudflare Error 1015 warning. All you need to do is:

  • Configure the proxy group
  • Launch profiles
  • Access the target website

Step 1. Configure the proxy group

  • Create group
Create proxy group
  • Adding a proxy
Add Proxy Add Proxy
  • Create profiles
Creating Profiles Creating Profiles

Step 2. Launch the profile

launch the profile

Step 3. Visit the target website

Access the target website with Nstbrowser

Take Away Notes

Cloudflare Error 1015 is an important mechanism to protect your website from abuse and ensure stable performance, but it also adds to your worries. The negative effects of this error can be minimized by rate limiting, traffic management and using the most effective and free tool - Nstbrowser.