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Cloudflare Erorr 1020: What Is It and How to Avoid It?
Cloudflare error 1020 is an access denied error. Why does this error occur? How to avoid it? Please find the answer in this article.
May 27, 2024

What is Error 1020?

Cloudflare Error 1020

Cloudflare Error 1020 is an access denied error. When you violate the firewall rules set by a website protected by Cloudflare, Cloudflare blocks traffic from that IP address to protect against potential threats.

What circumstances would cause error 1020? What steps can be taken to resolve this issue?

Read on to find out!

What Causes Cloudflare Error 1020?

This error can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Sending too many requests to the site
  • ip blocking
  • User Agent blocking
  • Detected while executing automated programs
  • Cloudflare configuration errors

How to Avoid Cloudflare Error 1015?
Four Ways You Definitely Need

How to Avoid Cloudflare Error 1020?

1. Hide your IP using proxy rotation

How to avoid error 1020? Proxy rotation is one of the methods worth trying. This intelligent proxy method automatically switches your IP every few minutes or when every request is made, making it difficult for websites to detect and block you.

However, not all proxy brands can fulfill the anti-detection purpose. Nstbrowser provides advanced anti-detection technology with support for intelligent ip rotation and powerful website unblocking features, allowing you to seamlessly access 99.9% of websites without the risk of being detected.

Now, implement ip hiding with free Nstbrowser

2. Customize or rotate User Agent head

In addition, if Cloudflare is not satisfied with your browser's signature, Cloudflare error 1020 may also appear. Therefore, customizing the User-Agent header or rotating the UA header in the crawler code is another effective solution.

As we know, User-Agent is the most important HTTP header for crawling. It can be used to identify the client making the request to the server. At the other hand, firewalls use this string to detect and block bots. So, rotating the user-agent can go a long way in helping you bypass error 1020.

3. Disable your VPN connection

If you get error 1020 after using your VPN service to access the Internet, disable it and try to access the website or application again. Then, if the error code 1020 message disappears, there may be a problem with your VPN.

  • Note: Each VPN provider shares instructions for temporarily disabling their VPN.

4. Create different browser fingerprints for access via Nstbrowser

Nstbrowser, as a free anti-detection browser, provides you with real fingerprint information in case error 1020. After registering, you can solve the “Cloudflare Error 1020” problem in just 3 steps:

  • Create a batch profiles
  • Launch profiles
  • Accessing the target site

Step 1: Create batch profiles

Create batch profiles
Create batch profiles

Step 2: Launch profiles

Launch profiles

Step 3: Visit the target website

Visit the target website

5. Setting up dynamic proxies with Nstbrowser

Finally, you can also use dynamic proxies to avoid being detected with a 1020 error in three simple steps:

  • Configure the dynamic proxy
  • Start profiles
  • Accessing the target website

Step 1: Configure the Dynamic Proxy

  • Creating a group
Creating a group
  • Add proxy
Add proxy
Add proxy
  • Create profiles
Create profiles
Create profiles

Step 2: Launch profiles

Launch profiles

Step 3: Visit the target website

Visit the target website
Visit the target website
Visit the target website

Take Away Notes

Cloudflare Error 1020 is difficult to avoid when performing web tasks. However, by hiding the ip, rotating the UA head and with the help of a free and useful tool - Nstbrowser, the risk of being detected will surely be bypassed to the maximum extent possible, thus minimizing the damage it causes.