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LunaProxy - Best and Cheapest Residential Proxy Service Provider
LunaProxy is an IP proxy service provider with high IP purity and low price. It has more than 200 million dynamic residential IPs, static residential IPs and data center proxies, supports HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5, and provides users with cost-effective global residential IP proxy solutions through API and account encryption modes.
Mar 21, 2024

What is LunaProxy?

LunaProxy is a proxy service provider that focuses on providing high-quality proxy IP and services. Proxy IP, also known as a proxy server, is a network technology that allows users to send and receive network requests through a proxy server.
Enhance online privacy and security by redirecting internet traffic through LunaProxy servers. It hides usersā€™ real IP addresses, encrypts data, and allows access to global content.

LunaProxy has more than 200 million real IP addresses in more than 195 cities around the world, providing unlimited connections and concurrent data extraction, and a wide range of use scenarios, such as: advertising verification, e-commerce, data scraping, market research, anonymity, and privacy protection, etc.

LunaProxy Type

  1. Dynamic Residential Proxy

    • LunaProxy's dynamic residential proxies provide complete anonymity and high success rates for data collection tasks, making them ideal for a variety of projects. With over 200 million real IPs from 195 locations around the world, they provide extensive global coverage.
    • In addition, the dynamic residential proxy does not limit concurrency and bandwidth, supports national city-level positioning, and provides strong support for users in different business scenarios.
  2. Unlimited Residential Proxy

    • Unlimited residential proxies are charged according to time, and there is no limit on the number of IP usage and traffic. At the same time, dedicated servers are provided for users, allowing users to send multiple requests at the same time and obtain extremely short response times.
  3. Static Residential Proxy

    • Luna's static residential proxies are charged per IP only, with no need to purchase additional traffic. They guarantee the fastest speeds, ensure 100% anonymity, and 24/7 IP availability.
    • At the same time, the static residential proxy is exclusive, which means that after purchasing the residential proxy, the user will be the only user of the IP.
  4. Data Center Proxy

    • Datacenter proxies provide users with exclusive use of IP addresses specific to the target site, ensuring personalized access. Billed only by the number of IPs, no additional charges are required.
    • Luna's data center proxy IP addresses are strategically located around the world, allowing for precise targeting and enhanced accessibility. With high success rates and over 99% IP availability, users can expect reliable, efficient performance.
  5. Rotate ISP Proxies

    • Luna provides rotating ISP proxies for a variety of online tasks, including e-commerce crawling, SEO analysis, accessing travel deals, and preparing for sneaker drops.
    • These proxies ensure uninterrupted access to data and websites while minimizing the risk of being blocked. With Luna's rotating ISP proxies, users benefit from enhanced security and accessibility for their online activities.

How to Make Money with LunaProxy

Anyone can invite new users by joining the LunaProxy affiliate program and earn generous rewards. There are no income limits, and commissions can be redeemed for traffic or withdrawn at any time. Successfully recommend others to register and purchase, and you can get a high return of up to 10%. There is no limit to the package, and the income is valid for life.

Users who register through your registration link or invitation code can use virtual currency, Alipay, bank transfer, and other methods to purchase any package. After completing the payment for each order, you can get up to a 10% reward.

How to Use LunaProxy

For detailed tutorials, please click on the title of the corresponding step to view:

  1. Registration: Visit the LunaProxy official website and register an account.
  2. Purchase: After logging in, select the proxy plan and payment method that meets your requirements to purchase.
  3. Obtain IP: Enter the extraction interface, select the required country, IP number, and other information, and extract the IP.
  4. Configure the Proxy: Select your configuration tool and refer to the configuration tutorial in the user guide to connect Luna Proxy to your application.
  5. Get Started: Start browsing the internet or collecting data anonymously and securely without encountering location restrictions.

LunaProxy Business Scenario

The usage scenarios of proxy IP are very wide, covering multiple fields and needs. Here are some main usage scenarios for proxy IPs:

  1. Web Crawlers and Data Collection

    • In data collection and crawler applications, proxy IP can effectively prevent the target website from blocking frequent requests. By using multiple proxy IPs, you can simulate access from multiple different users and improve the success rate of crawling data. At the same time, the proxy IP can also help crawlers avoid anti-crawler strategies and ensure the smooth progress of data collection.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • When doing SEO, itā€™s crucial to research your competitorsā€™ search rankings and strategies. Search engines often limit the number of visits to search results per IP address. By using proxy IPs, you can simulate the search behavior of different users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your competitorsā€™ SEO strategies.
  3. Network Security and Penetration Testing

    • In security testing and penetration testing, proxy IP can be used to hide the real attacker's IP address and protect the attacker's identity. At the same time, the proxy IP can also simulate attacks from different IP addresses to test the security and vulnerabilities of the system.
  4. Social Media Management

    • On social media platforms, it is sometimes necessary to simulate user behavior in different regions to ensure effective promotion of content on a global scale. Proxy IP can help users simulate IP addresses in different regions and avoid being geographically restricted or blocked on social media platforms.
  5. Advertising and Market Research

    • Advertising and market research companies may need to simulate the access behavior of different regions or user groups to evaluate advertising effectiveness or market feedback. Proxy IP can provide IP addresses in different regions, helping these companies collect and analyze data more accurately.

What Makes LunaProxy Stand Out

LunaProxy stands out among many proxy service providers with its advantages of cheap price, high cost performance, and large amount of resources. The following are the main functions and characteristics of LunaProxy:

  • Main Function

    • API and account and password mode: supports IP whitelist authentication and account and password authentication.
    • S5 client: S5 client provides users with a simpler way to use.
    • LunaProxy Google Extension: One-Stop Configuring Google Proxy.
    • Proxy Manager: One-stop management of proxy needs to meet business use.
    • IP query: Free detection of IP information.
  • Main Features

    • Large amount of resources: 200 million IP resources covering 195+ regions around the world.
    • Supports three protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.
    • Unlimited Concurrency and Bandwidth: LunaProxy features unlimited bandwidth and concurrent connections, which is ideal for heavy data usage and automation tasks.
    • Comprehensive proxy types: Combining the different usage needs of users, we provide dynamic residential proxies, unlimited residential proxies, static residential proxies, data center proxies, and rotating ISP proxies.
    • User-friendly: A clear interactive interface and complete usage tutorials help users quickly master the basic methods of using proxies.
    • Full-featured: supports API and account authentication, and provides free tools such as clients, Google extensions, and proxy managers.
    • Cheap price: LunaProxy is one of the cheapest residential proxy service providers on the market, with traffic as low as $0.7/GB and static residential IPs as low as $3/person/week.

Documentation and Integration

LunaProxy provides integration tutorials for different proxy tools such as fingerprint browsers and scrapers, detailing the complete usage process from extraction to configuration. At the same time, code examples in different computer languages are also provided, including cURL, Python, PHP, JAVA, JS, etc.

API code language example:

Getting Started

To get started with LunaProxy, visit to learn more about features, pricing, and how to start integrating LunaProxy into your web scraping and automation workflows.

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