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How to Configure PyProxy in Nstbrowser
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Mar 25, 2024

Step 1: Retrieval of Proxy Credentials

  1. Initiating Proxy Access: Begin by navigating to the section designated for proxy management within the platform, commonly marked by a “Start using” option or its equivalent. Selection of this option unveils the proxy credentials, which encompass the proxy address, port number, and any requisite authentication details.
Acquisition of Proxy Credentials
  1. Proxy Detail Procurement: Subsequent to initiating usage, proceed to for the extraction of the proxy details. The necessary information can be conveniently copied via the designated button.
Procurement of Proxy Details

Step 2: Configuration of a New Browser Profile

  1. Profile Creation Initiation: Within the Nstbrowser interface, commence the process of generating a new browser profile by engaging the "Create profile" button. This action transitions you to the profile setup interface.
Initiation of New Browser Profile Creation
  1. Proxy Configuration: Within the profile configuration phase, navigate to the "Proxy" settings and opt for the "Custom" configuration. This step involves the direct transference of the proxy URI obtained from your PyProxy dashboard into the "Proxy URL" field provided.
Configuration of Proxy Settings
  1. Profile Finalization: Conclude the profile setup by selecting the "Create profile" option.
Completion of Browser Profile Configuration

Step 3: Activation of the Configured Profile

  1. Profile Activation: To activate the newly established browser profile, identify and select the "Play" button linked to the profile. This initiates the kernel download process, facilitating subsequent browsing activities without detection.
Activation of Configured Browser Profile

This structured approach enables users to seamlessly incorporate PyProxy’s rotating residential proxies into Nstbrowser, thereby augmenting their online privacy and evading detection with enhanced efficiency.