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How to Configure Proxyscrape in Nstbrowser
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Jun 06, 2024Carlos Rivera

ProxyScrape is a comprehensive proxy service provider renowned for its extensive database of free and premium proxy lists. Catering to diverse needs, ProxyScrape delivers reliable and high-speed proxy solutions for web scraping, browsing, and online privacy protection. With user-friendly tools and detailed proxy information, ProxyScrape ensures an efficient and secure online experience.

  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • Offers free proxy lists updated every minute for reliability.
  • Support Premium, Residential, Mobile and Dedicated proxies
  • Enables geo-targeting with premium proxies, offering country-specific options.
  • Ensures high anonymity with its elite proxy options.
  • Features easy API integration for automated proxy management.
  • Includes a dashboard for real-time proxy performance monitoring and usage statistics.

Step 1: Establish a New Browser Profile

Initiate a new browser profile in Nstbrowser by clicking the "Create profile" button, which leads you to the profile creation settings.

Establish a New Browser Profile

Step 2: Set Up Your Proxyscrape Proxy

Proxyscrape presents 4 proxy options: Residential, Premium, Mobile and Dedicated proxies. Choose your preferred proxy type and configure its settings on the Proxyscrape dashboard.

Set Up Your Proxyscrape Proxy

Once selected, such as the Residential in this example, adjust your settings accordingly.

After configuration, proceed to copy the proxy details from the formatted proxy list panel.

Step 3: Enter Your Proxy Details

Navigate to the "Proxy" tab in Nstbrowser and select "Custom" under proxy settings. Here, you can insert your Proxyscrape proxy details by pasting the proxy URI from the Proxyscrape dashboard into the "Proxy URL" field, select your desired protocol, and conduct a test. Confirm by clicking "Create profile".

Enter Your Proxy Details

Step 4: Activate Your Profile

To activate your newly created profile, press the "Play" button. Nstbrowser will download the necessary kernel, allowing you to start browsing anonymously and securely.

Activate Your Profile