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How to Configure Proxys in Nstbrowser?
Anonymity on the Internet, bypassing geographical restrictions, multi-accounting without a ban — all this is possible when using a proxy.
May 13, 2024

Anonymity on the Internet, bypassing geographical restrictions, multi-accounting without a ban — all this is possible when using a proxy. A proxy is an intermediate server between the user and the Internet. It sends requests to the site on its own behalf and hides the user's IP address. Let's look at a proven service that rents out reliable, anonymous proxies for any purpose — Let's look at the functionality, advantages and how to place an order on the service. functionality provides a large selection of proxies of all types: mobile, residential, server, IPv4, IPv6. There are more than 10,000 addresses and many geolocations to choose from — 88 countries. All proxy servers are high-speed, anonymous and secure, connected via HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS network protocols.

The service consists of several sections:

  • Home page. Here you can place an order, read information about the service, answers to frequently asked questions and view prices;
  • Prices. Here are the prices for all types of proxies available;
  • FAQ. This tab contains popular questions and answers to them;
  • Contacts. Email addresses and other methods of contacting the service administration are displayed here;
  • Blog. has its own blog, where they regularly post posts about proxies and how to use them;
  • Buy. On this page you can immediately proceed to placing an order by entering data in the appropriate fields;
  • Mobile proxies. The section is dedicated to mobile proxy servers: here you can study information about them and place an order;
  • Proxy checker. This is a free proxy health check tool. To check, you need to enter the IP address and port, and the program will display the result: working proxy server or not;
  • Affiliate program. You can earn money on the service by inviting new users. pays the program participant 20% of the purchase amount of the invited user.

On each page of the site, a technical support icon is displayed in the lower right corner. By clicking on it, you can see all the ways to contact support operators. The site interface is intuitive. Even a beginner can figure out how to rent a proxy, get help, or find the necessary information.

How to rent a proxy in

You can place an order in one of 3 sections of the site:

  1. on the home page.
  2. in the “Prices” section.
  3. in the "Buy" tab.

In all cases, you need to indicate the characteristics of the proxy in the appropriate fields: type, country, period, server, quantity. The final price will be displayed. To continue, click “Pay”.

Then you will need to enter your email address, promotional code, if available, check the box to accept the terms of use and select a payment method.

After payment, the proxy server data will be instantly displayed in your personal account and will be available for use. This happens instantly, since the service’s operation is automated.

Advantages of

Users choose for reliable proxies, a clear interface and smooth operation. Advantages of the service:

  • a varied selection of proxy servers;
  • 88 countries to choose from;
  • automatic issuance of addresses after payment;
  • flexible tariffs from $0.13 per month;
  • several payment methods to choose from;
  • refunds for non-working proxies;
  • favorable terms of the affiliate program;
  • 24/7 responsive technical support;
  • high speed and connection stability.

Start Enjoying! has proxies to solve any problem: personal and professional. They are used for multi-accounting, parsing, bypassing geographic restrictions, and protecting against cyber threats.

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