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Exploring 9Proxy: Your Gateway to Unrestricted Internet Access
9Proxy delivers a robust residential proxy service that simplifies your access to a vast array of global IP addresses.
Jun 11, 2024Carlos Rivera

9Proxy delivers a robust residential proxy service that simplifies your access to a vast array of global IP addresses. This service is a boon for those looking to bypass internet restrictions smoothly, granting uninterrupted access to worldwide content. Whether your interest lies in market research, competitive analysis, or simply indulging in geo-restricted media, 9Proxy serves as your dependable portal to an unrestricted internet. It's user-friendly, secure, and offers all you need for anonymous browsing, avoiding content blocks, and freely navigating the web.


What is 9Proxy?

9Proxy boasts a substantial pool of over 9 million residential IP addresses, offering detailed access across more than 90 countries down to city levels without the hassle of invalid IPs. This capability facilitates precise targeting by country, city, zip code, or ISP and supports seamless API integration for automated data collection. Designed to evade internet nuisances like bans, penalties, and captchas, 9Proxy enhances your security with support for HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. It's the go-to resource for a variety of uses, from price aggregation and SERP & SEO optimization to multi-account management and market analysis, with servers in over 90 locations globally.

How to Use 9Proxy?

Using 9Proxy couldn't be simpler, thanks to its intuitive interface. Here’s how to get started:

  • Start with the App: Open the 9Proxy app, your central hub for all proxy activities.
  • Pick a Proxy: Choose the proxy location from which you want your internet traffic to originate.
  • Route Your Internet Through the Proxy: The app will automatically route your internet through the chosen proxy. For instance, selecting a proxy in Japan will make websites see your location as Japan.
  • Switch Proxies Anytime: Need to appear from another location? Just pick a new proxy from the app. It's that easy.

The 9Proxy Solution

9Proxy Solution

Web Scraping Proxies

9Proxy excels with its residential proxies tailored for efficient web scraping. These proxies are whitelisted and unique, ensuring a high success rate in data extraction from competitor sites and other online resources. This feature is crucial for those relying on data-driven strategies and comprehensive market analysis.

Creating Multiple Accounts

9Proxy's multi-account features mimic real user behaviors, distinguishing them from bots. This is ideal for managing multiple social media profiles seamlessly, aiding in expanding your digital footprint without triggering security alarms.

Avoid Blocks and Restrictions

For sneakerheads and resellers, 9Proxy offers stealthy residential proxies that slip past the usual blocks from strict sites like Nike. These proxies work with various bots, ensuring smooth purchases during limited releases.

Data Intelligence

With a global reach, 9Proxy enables extensive data operations like price comparisons and screen scraping without facing geographical limits. Its proxies optimize both speed and multiple connections, boosting efficiency while maintaining user privacy.

Ad Verification

In advertising, verifying ad placements and preventing fraud is crucial. 9Proxy's broad network minimizes disruptions from bans, facilitating continuous and effective ad verification.

Pricing Information

9Proxy's pricing model is flexible, suitable for both individual and business needs, providing targeted residential proxies for accessing geo-restricted content and services.

Key Features of 9Proxy

  • Stay Anonymous Anywhere: Browse anonymously with genuine IP addresses from worldwide locations.
  • No More Blocked Access: Continuous access to your favorite sites, free from bans.
  • Access Restricted Content: Easily bypass geo-restrictions for streaming services, websites, or online gaming.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Access valuable data without limitations for a competitive advantage.
  • Secure and Private Browsing: Enhanced security for worry-free internet browsing.
  • Global Proxy Network: Over 9 million proxies across more than 90 countries support effective data scraping, ad verification, and geo-targeting.

How to Set Up 9Proxy

Set Up 9Proxy

Setting up 9Proxy is straightforward:

  1. Configure Port Numbers: Define the start port for your tasks and the needed number of ports.
  2. Filter and Locate Proxies: Find your desired proxy by filtering by country, state, or city.
  3. Assign Proxies to Ports: Link your chosen proxy to a specific port to start routing your internet traffic.
  4. Access Detailed Proxy Parameters: View and copy the details of your proxy for seamless usage.

9Proxy Dashboard Overview

Once subscribed, manage your account through the 9Proxy dashboard, where you can handle billing, usage logs, pricing, affiliate programs, and more.

Customer Support of 9Proxy

9Proxy offers support via chat, email, and social media. For comprehensive assistance, visit their Help Center, which includes FAQs and detailed proxy guides.

9Proxy: Pros and Cons


  • Competitive pricing with promotions and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Exclusive, clean proxy pool minimizes the risk of blacklisting.
  • Supports SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS protocols and offers a unique proxy replacement policy.


  • Lacks private proxy services and support for UDP.
  • Does not provide rotating proxy options.

Pricing Plan

9Proxy has crafted a variety of pricing plans to cater to a diverse range of user needs, offering flexibility for different levels of demand. Here’s a detailed overview of their current offerings:

Pricing Plan
  1. 100 IPs:
  • Price: $0.20 per IP
  • Total Cost: $20
  • Ideal for: Beginners or those with minimal needs.
  1. 500 IPs:
  • Price: $0.12 per IP (originally $0.17)
  • Total Cost: $60
  • Suitable for: Users with growing needs, offering a notable discount.
  1. 1,000 IPs (+500 bonus IPs):
  • Price: $0.07 per IP (originally $0.11)
  • Total Cost: $105
  • Includes: An additional 500 IPs for free, totaling 1,500 IPs—excellent for extensive usage.
  1. 2,500 IPs:
  • Price: $0.07 per IP (originally $0.17)
  • Total Cost: $175
  • Targeted at: Heavy users with specific geo-targeting needs, offering a saving of $75.
  1. 5,000 IPs:
  • Price: $0.06 per IP (originally $0.17)
  • Total Cost: $300
  • Designed for: Enterprises, providing substantial savings for large-scale operations.
  1. 15,000 IPs:
  • Price: $0.04 per IP (originally $0.08)
  • Total Cost: $600
  • The best value for: Bulk users, delivering significant cost efficiency with a half-price deal.


9Proxy is an excellent choice for anyone in need of reliable, fast, and secure proxy services. Whether for data gathering, circumventing geo-restrictions, or securing online privacy, 9Proxy provides a comprehensive solution that caters to diverse needs. Opt for 9Proxy and elevate your online activities with seamless, unrestricted internet access.