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SMS-Activate: Virtual Numbers for any Kinds of Registrations
Multi-accounting requires not only a reliable antidetect browser but also virtual numbers to pass verification by SMS. So, what are the benefits of it? And what will be improved when SMS-activate works with Nstbrowser? Let's find it out!
Mar 27, 2024

What Is SMS-Activate?

SMS-activate is an online service that provides virtual phone numbers and temporary SMS verification codes. This service is commonly used for online platforms that require phone number verification, such as social media platforms and email services.

Users can rent a virtual phone number from SMS-activate and use it to receive SMS verification codes, facilitating account registration or identity verification processes. This helps users avoid using their real phone numbers to protect their privacy and personal information.

How Can SMS-Activate Help Protect Privacy and Security Online?

SMS-Activate is a service that offers significant benefits for individuals looking to protect their privacy and security online. Here’s how it helps:

Privacy protection

It provides temporary or disposable phone numbers that users can employ to receive SMS messages without using their real phone numbers. This feature is crucial for protecting personal information from being exposed on the internet, where it can be accessed by marketers, hackers, or other malicious entities.

Security against spam and scams

By using a virtual number from SMS-Activate, individuals can avoid receiving unsolicited or potentially harmful messages on their personal phones. This separation helps reduce the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks or other forms of scams that are often initiated via SMS.

Verification without personal data exposure

Many online platforms require phone number verification to register or activate accounts. Using SMS-Activate, users can complete these verification processes without giving out their actual phone numbers, thus maintaining their anonymity and reducing their digital footprint.

Access to international services

SMS-Activate allows users to choose phone numbers from various countries, which is particularly useful for accessing services that are geo-restricted or require a local phone number for verification. This feature enhances both privacy and the ability to utilize international services without the need for a physical presence or a local SIM card.

Multiple accounts management

For individuals who need to manage several online accounts, SMS-Activate can facilitate the process by providing different phone numbers for each account. This helps in keeping activities on each account separate and secure, minimizing the risk of cross-account breaches.

Overall, SMS-Activate serves as a powerful tool for enhancing online privacy and security by offering a practical solution for managing SMS-based verifications without compromising personal phone numbers.

What Are the Benefits of SMS-Activate Service?

1. Wide geographic coverage

At the moment the SMS Activate offers numbers from providers of 180 countries. Thanks to that you can expand the geography of work with traffic and "penetrate" into local apps such as WeChat. In addition, you will be able to sign up for services which are blocked in your country.

2. Any services

All popular social networks, messengers, marketplaces, and other services are placed in the menu as separate items. If you can't find the desired service, enter "Any other" in the search line then. These numbers will be suitable for your activation. You can also send a request to add a new service: if you plan wholesaling, the platform is always ready to help you so it provides the best price offers.

3. Flawless operation

From a technical point of view, SMS-Activate is a modern optimized product with a powerful team of coders working on it. Any failures are virtually eliminated so you won't experience any downtime.

4. API integration

Organize number purchasing and SMS delivery through own developments. All necessary documentation is available on the website. An expert manager will help you if there are any difficulties.

5. Numbers are available

Since the market of virtual numbers is influenced by a number of factors, the platform has developed a system of keeping balance between supply and demand. The Free Price option gives you access to an additional pool of numbers, and you can set the price range within which you are willing to make purchases.

6. Partner software

The service cooperates with reliable developers of registration software and combine tools. You can choose the appropriate software and purchase its license on the SMS-Activate website. Many top-quality tools for mass registrations on Telegram, WhatsApp, and other popular services have already integrated Free Price for a convenient purchase process.

7. Special conditions for wholesale customers

Loyalty program is designed to meet the real needs of traffic arbitrage and mass registrations. In addition to favorable wholesale prices, you will get discounts on ready-made accounts and privileges to bypass technical limitations for thread registrations.

8. You pay only for received codes

If no SMS is received within 20 minutes, your money will be returned to the balance. As for the "Rent" service, the rules are slightly different: you can return or replace the number with one click for the same period of time.

Nstbrowser Helps You Protect All Your Accounts

Nstbrowser totally free

Nstbrowser, a fully-featured fingerprint browser, now offers a totally free latest version that integrates seamlessly with services like SMS-Activate!

What is Nstbrowser?

Nstbrowser is a professional account management tool that provides an independent fingerprint browser isolation environment for each account, saving account environmental costs.

It has batch environment management, automatic setting of browser-independent fingerprints, synchronizer, automated script production and marketing, API docking, employee management, and team collaboration functions, and supports mainstream proxies.

How does it work?

Nstbrowser's numerous convenient features allow users to create and manage separate browsing environments, each with its unique browser fingerprint. This capability, combined with the use of virtual phone numbers from SMS-Activate, significantly enhances users' ability to protect their online identities and sensitive information.

Nstbrowser solutions

5 Additional Services of SMS-Activate

Service satisfies any need to work with a large number of accounts:

  • Registration with temporary emails;
  • Verification by call (last digits of an incoming number);
  • The number for rent with unlimited reception of messages;
  • Multiservice function for binding several accounts to one SIM card;
  • Purchase of ready-made accounts with different registration periods and number of subscribers.

How to Buy a Number?

You can purchase it on the website, on the mobile, or desktop app. To buy up to 10 numbers on the website, use the following algorithm:

  1. Sign up and top up your balance to get started;
  2. Choose the desired service in the left menu;
  3. Define the country, quantity of numbers, mobile operator;
  4. If necessary, turn on the "Verification by number" switcher;
  5. After clicking on the "Buy" button, a number will appear in the "Activations" tab;
  6. The requested code will also appear on the activation card.

Download Free Nstbrowser Now!

In conclusion, the combination of Nstbrowser and SMS-Activate provides a robust solution for online privacy and security. By using Nstbrowser's unique fingerprinting technology along with SMS-Activate's virtual phone numbers, users can safeguard their online presence while maintaining the flexibility and convenience needed in today's digital world.

For the further security of your accounts, download Nstbrowser now! All the services here are totally free!