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Best Unblocked Browser | How to Bypass Blocked Websites
Website blocking makes frustrated! Unblocked browser helps you bypass the detection of website. Find more in blog.
Jun 14, 2024Robin Brown

Are you also blocked from accessing specific websites? It really sucks! Why exactly does website blocking occur? Be sure to use one of the best-unblocked browsers - Nstbrowser, to unblock websites and enjoy unblocked websites.

What are the advantages of Nstbrowser? How to use it for unblocking websites?

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5 Main Types of Website Blocking

  1. IP blocking: blocking the IP address of a specific website to prevent users from connecting to it.

  2. DNS blocking: Manipulation of DNS resolution to direct access requests to the wrong IP address or to prevent resolution outright.

  3. URL Filtering: Examines keywords in URLs and blocks requests that contain specific keywords.

  4. Content Filtering: Examines the content of web pages and blocks pages containing specific content.

  5. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): analyzes the content of packets and blocks specific types of data transmission.

Can't access due to IP blocking?
Use the free Nstbrowser to access any website!
Intelligent IP rotation to avoid website blocking

How to Choose an Unblocked Browser?

  • Privacy Protection: Does the browser offer effective privacy protection features? This includes features such as blocking trackers, ad blocking, privacy modes, and more. It is important to ensure that your browsing activities are not tracked and recorded.

  • Security: Does the browser have strong security features to protect you from malware, phishing, and other online threats? A secure browser should be up-to-date and provide some level of protection mechanisms.

  • Ease of Use: Choosing a browser that is easy to use is critical for most users. Is the interface clear and concise? Are the features easy to access and operate?

  • Speed and Performance: The speed and performance of the browser is critical to user experience. Fast-loading pages and a smooth browsing experience increase productivity and fulfillment.

  • Compatibility: Is the browser compatible with the websites and services you frequent? Sometimes specific websites may be optimized for specific browsers, so it's important to choose a browser that matches your needs.

  • Customizability: Some browsers offer a wealth of plug-ins and extensions that allow users to customize them to their needs and preferences. This may be an important consideration if you need specific functionality.

Why Is Nstbrowser the Best Unblocked Browser?

Nstbrowser is a totally free unblocked browser, integrated with Anti-detect, Web Unblocker, and Intelligent Proxies. It supports Cloud Container Clusters, Browserless, and an enterprise-grade cloud browser solution compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux.

  1. Anti-Detection Bot. Nstbrowser integrates Browser Fingerprinting, Website Unblocker, Intelligent Proxy Rotation, and CAPTCHA-solving services to bypass anti-bot detection and unlock 99.9% of web restrictions.

  2. Real Browser Fingerprint. It creates real browser fingerprints, maintains account anonymity, and prevents tracking, thereby enhancing the security and privacy of your accounts.

  3. Extensive Compatibility. This unblocked browser is compatible and adaptable to Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, and other mainstream tools.

  4. Easy-to-Use RPA. Design workflows effortlessly using drag-and-drop modules to easily build automation robots without programming knowledge, boosting your working efficiency.

  5. Professional and Secure Data Encryption. Nstbrowser protects your accounts through technical measures such as SSL transmission and storage encryption. Additionally, it offers security features like 2FA and login alerts to enhance your account security.

  6. Customized Services. Nstbrowser provides customized solutions and round-the-clock customer support for your convenience.

" Time to get a Free and Unlimited Website Unblocker!

How to Unblock Websites with Nstbrowser?

website blocking

Here are 2 effective methods to overcome the "website blocking" problem.

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Method 1: Get a premium proxy

After registration, you only need 3 steps to unblock the target website:

Step 1. Create a profile

Create a profile

Step 2. Setting up the proxy

Setting up the proxy

Step 3. Visit the target website

Visit the target website

Method 2: Change your browser fingerprint

Only 3 simple steps as well:

  • Create a profile
  • Change fingerprint parameters
  • Visit the target website

Step 1. Create a profile

Create a profile

Step 2. Change fingerprint parameters

You can change some key fingerprint parameters to try to bypass website blocking.
Some of them like:

  • User Agent
  • WebGL
  • Canvas
  • Fonts
  • WebRTC

Where can you find them and how to change them? Follow these pictures:

Change fingerprint parameters
Change fingerprint parameters
Change fingerprint parameters

Step 3. Visit the target website

Visit the target website

4 Alternative Methods of Unblocked Websites

Besides using an unblocked browser, there are several other ways to bypass website restrictions. But remember that keeping your account secure and easy to operate is of first importance, so it is recommended that you still use a professional unblocked website.

Here are some alternative ways to unblock the web browser:

  • VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a popular alternative for unblocked websites. It works by routing your web traffic through a secure server that hides your real IP address.
  • Proxy server. Proxy servers allow you to change your IP address so that you can access blocked websites.
  • Use Crawl History. When the public is unable to access certain restricted content, accessing the site via crawl history is the preferred method of unlocking the web browser. You can access restricted content by typing the URL into the Wayback Machine search field on the website.
  • Smart DNS. Smart DNS can be an alternative to unlocking your web browser. This tool transmits your DNS requests through its servers. As a result, this alternative to unlocking your web browser bypasses geo-restrictions and works well for streaming services such as Netflix.

Listen to Me!

Although web blocking makes people feel bad. But with unblocked browsers, you can easily bypass the browser-blocking system. Nstbrowser is definitely a convenient website unblocker. Real browser fingerprints, IP rotation technology, CAPTCHA recognition, and Anti-detection bot technology easily unblock websites for seamless access.

It's time to start a happy surfing experience, and it's time to start a happy surfing experience!