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Multi-accounting in Crypto and How to Make Money on It
Multi-accounting is something that everyone who wants to earn money on new crypto projects, NFT mints, whitelists, Coinlist, P2E games, a...
Dec 18, 2023

Multi-accounting is something that everyone who wants to earn money on new crypto projects, NFT mints, whitelists, Coinlist, P2E games, and airdrops, needs to master.

What are multi-accounts for?

Multi-accounts solve the problem of one user being unable to participate in sales and other activities where assignments are given for completing tasks, getting into the whitelist or NFT mints, and receiving other bonuses.

Crypto projects impose restrictions on IP addresses, hardware, browser fingerprints, device numbers, etc. We will describe how to get around these restrictions below, but first, a little terminology for those who are trying to figure out how to make money on crypto projects.

What is mint and how do you make money on it?

Mint is the process of buying/receiving NFT at the original price, with a big discount or shareware.

Mint helps make NFT a commodity that can be bought, sold, and transferred between wallets officially. In simple words, mint is the birth of NFT on blockchain and its transition to you.

Why you need multi-accounting in mint:

  • The buyer pays the price of a mint and the NFT is received randomly. Both perfect garbage and a very rare specimen can fall out. If you have several tens or hundreds of accounts, the chance to get something valuable increases many times over.
  • Tens of thousands of people apply for a limited number of seats in primary sales. With one account, you have to rely on only blind luck.

For many, multi-accounting in a crypt is something supernatural, labor-intensive, and also requires investments. This is a delusion. You can start with 20−30 profiles (AKS) to figure it all out and fill your hand. Everything will be even easier if you use an anti-detect browser with a convenient and simple interface ⎯ Nstbrowser in which they are now totally free to use

What is a whitelist and how do you make money on whitelists?

Many projects, before putting their collection of NFTs or tokens up for sale, conduct closed sales for a select circle of people.

To be on a whitelist, you must have obtained a crypto wallet address that is pre-approved for future distribution of crypto, bonues, NFT mint, game characters, items, lands in games, etc. Simply put, it is free access to a club, according to the list.

How to get onto the whitelist?

In order to get onto the whitelist, you need to find the discord of the project, join it, and be an active participant: write in project chats, draw art, make memes, participate in quizzes, invite friends, etc.

The most effective option is art, memes, stickers, and more. The essence is simple: you participate in contests or activities to create art and have a chance to get into the whitelist. If you can’t, you can order.

How to make money on whitelists?

You can receive/buy tokens and NFTs with WL and then resell them during the public sale. You can also sell your whitelist account on the OTC market, long before the sale starts, diversifying the project release risks and guaranteeing earnings.

Whitelist types and ways to get on them

Gleam Whitelist is a service where, for completing simple tasks (subscribing to Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram), you get a chance to win WL. Typically, projects post such activities on Twitter.

Discord whitelists

Here are the main ways to get on a whitelist, they can be combined and intersected:

a) Discord activity (15−20 level), given for messages

b) Creation of art (5−10 pieces), ordered from designers

c) Invites (invitations) via your personal link

How multi-accounting helps to get onto whitelists

Usually, the chance to get onto a whitelist is very small. People create many Discord/Telegram/Twitter/mail accounts, buy proxies, and perform the same actions 50−100 times. Thus, the chances of getting onto the whitelist with multi-accounting increase many times over.

Earn money on airdrops with multiple accounts

Airdrop is a way to get the first tokens/NFTs and other bonuses, free distribution of tokens, and literally money “out of thin air.”

Usually, anyone can take part. Sometimes there are exceptions: restrictions may be set for participants in certain countries or a condition may be stated, for example, passing KYC verification.

As a rule, distribution is accompanied by conditions. They are divided into mandatory and optional: most often, project platforms give a step-by-step algorithm that you need to go through in order to get tokens.

It usually looks like this:

  1. Create a crypto wallet
  2. Link a wallet to receive coins on it
  3. Create a Telegram account
  4. Create dedicated social media pages. Accounts must be “live” and used: promoted and developed so that they bring the best results during distributions.
  5. Register for the project. In most cases, you will need to fill out a form with your name, email, wallet address, and social media account.
  6. Complete the airdrop task list. Often, the conditions for obtaining free tokens include a requirement to subscribe to their communities on social networks (Twitter, Telegram) and be active⎯posting/reposting and chatting.
  7. Wait for coins. Sometimes, according to the rules, they appear in the wallet immediately after completing the tasks. Sometimes, you have to wait a couple of months or longer.

Why you need multi-accounting to participate in airdrops

  • Crypto projects set numerous restrictions for profiles by proxy, geo, etc. Using multi-hacking and anti-detect browsers helps to bypass them.
  • The chance of getting an airdrop in a successful project is not great. Hoping for good luck is all well and good, but luck smiles much wider if you are waiting for an airdrop from 100 accounts, and not from one.

What do you need for multi-accounting in crypto?

Anti-detect browser

Browser anti-detect is a program that runs many browser profiles. You can change browser fingerprints, proxies, and more. All of this is necessary to impersonate a unique user. Therefore, browser anti-detection is the most important component in multi-accounting.

At the moment, there are quite a lot of different anti-detect browsers on the market, but the best and cheapest choice for those who are just starting to multi-machine is Nstbrowser. It has the most convenient and simple interface, and this anti-detect does not require money for now.


A proxy server is a proxy task, so all requests from the user are transmitted to the network, bypassing the real IP address. This is done so that various resources cannot determine who you are and where you are from.

Don’t skimp on proxies. It is best to take IPv4 individually, premium. Without good proxies, you cannot get into the world of multiple accounts.

All of your Twitter, Coinlist, and Discord accounts can be banned. Many giveaway forms, like Gleam and Sweepwidget, won’t let you in if the project has geographic restrictions.

But a proxy is not the only way that you can be identified by the project owners: in addition to the proxy, more and more crypto projects are now checking iron. Even if you filed for a whitelist from different proxy addresses, there is a good chance that your accounts may be burned for other parameters ⎯ browser fingerprint, hardware, etc.