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Manage Multiple Accounts with Nstbrowser - the Best Anti-Detect Browser 2024
How can you avoid having your information detected? How can you manage multiple accounts effectively? Find the charms of anti-detect browser.
Jun 17, 2024Carlos Rivera

Everyone must have seen the old spy movies where every room is bugged, right? Now those movies may seem a little paranoid, but the Internet is not better at all!

In fact, every page you open while surfing is being monitored! In addition, you must also be blocked from websites when managing multiple accounts. How can you avoid having your information detected? How can you manage multiple accounts effectively? Listen up. You need an anti-detect browser right now!

Start reading to know more about the secrets of antidetect browsers.

What Is An Anti-Detect Browser?

The antidetect browser was created to fight against tracking and analytics so that you can carry out your activities in private. From a technical point of view, an anti-detection browser has almost the same internal structure as normal Chrome or Firefox.

Except that it allows the creation of completely separate browser profiles. The anti-detect Browser completely alters your digital fingerprint to make it look like another person is connecting from a different device. This gives you separate environments that cannot connect to each other.

For this reason, the anti-detect browser is commonly used to manage multiple accounts on social media, control merchant profiles on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, or run Google Adwords.

With real browser fingerprints and web unblocker
Nstbrowser effortlessly helps access 99.9% of websites.

What Is Nstbrowser?

Nstbrowser is a totally free anti-detect browser, integrated with an anti-detection bot, Web Unblocker, and Intelligent Proxies. It supports Cloud Container Clusters, Browserless, and an enterprise-grade cloud browser solution compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux.

Why NstBrowser Is Best for Multi-Account Management?

Just as we have learned before, an antidetect browser is a wonderful solution to avoid detecting and tracking. But you guys may ask me, why is the anti-detect browser also good for managing multiple accounts? Just go through the following 10 advantages of Nstbrowser, then you will agree with me:

1. IP Address Management:

Anti-detect browsers often integrate with proxy services, allowing users to assign different IP addresses to each browser profile. Nstbrowser helps to prevent websites from linking multiple accounts to a single user based on IP address.

2. Browser Fingerprinting:

Websites often use browser fingerprinting to track users. This technique collects information about the browser type, version, operating system, screen resolution, and other details. Nstbrowser can alter these parameters, creating unique fingerprints for each browser profile, thus preventing websites from linking accounts based on fingerprint data.

3. Cookie Isolation:

Anti-detect browsers such as Nstbrowser can isolate cookies and other local storage data between different profiles. This ensures that cookies from one account do not interfere with or expose another account, maintaining the independence and security of each session.

4. User-Agent Spoofing:

Nstbrowser can modify the user-agent string that is sent to websites, making it appear as though each profile is using a different browser or device. This helps to further differentiate accounts and avoid detection.

5. Profile Management:

Users can create, manage, and switch between multiple browser profiles with ease. Each profile can have its own set of extensions, bookmarks, and settings, tailored to the specific requirements of different accounts.

6. Session Management:

Nstbrowser offers robust session management capabilities, allowing users to save and restore sessions. This is particularly useful for managing numerous accounts, as users can quickly return to previous states without having to log in again.

7. Automation Capabilities:

The best anti-detect browser, Nstbrowser, supports automation through APIs or integration with automation tools. This is beneficial for users who need to perform repetitive tasks across multiple accounts, such as posting on social media or managing e-commerce stores.

8. Enhanced Privacy and Security:

By isolating different browsing activities and disguising the digital footprint of each profile, anti-detect browsers provide enhanced privacy and security. This reduces the risk of accounts being linked or compromised.

9. Avoiding Bans and Restrictions:

Many websites have policies against maintaining multiple accounts. Nstbrowser helps users circumvent these restrictions by making it difficult for websites to detect that multiple accounts are being managed by a single individual or organization.

10. Ease of Use:

Despite the advanced capabilities of anti-detect browsers, Nstbrowser is designed to be user-friendly. It typically offers intuitive interfaces and straightforward processes for creating and managing multiple profiles.

How to Manage Multiple Accounts with Nstbrowser?

Here we need to use Nstbrowser RPA, a totally free tool for multiple accounts management.

Step 1. Creating an RPA Workflow

  • "RPA > Workflow > Create Workflow" to start creating your first RPA:
Creating an RPA Workflow

Step 2. Accessing the target site

  • Choose the Goto Url node and drag it to the canvas on the right. Or you can click the “+” as well.
  • Enter the target address in the URL field:
Python Copy
Accessing the target site

Step 3. Import information

Add the Import Excel to the canvas. Here you need to make sure the account and password Excel have been prepared:

  • Save your account and password in an Excel file.
  • Add a new column to this Excel file with [Nstbrowser_profile_id] as the list header. This will be used to save the ID of the created Profiles (create all Profiles you need here).
creat Profiles
  • Go back to the Profile list page, get every ID that needs to be used with the profiles, and save them in the column with [Nstbrowser_profile_id] as the list header. The account and password on the same line of each profile_id is a match for the account and password that will be logged into this profile.
Import information
  • Click on the folder icon for the File Path item and select our Excel, so that our account information has been imported into this Workflow.
  • After adding these nodes, you will need to connect the nodes with arrows to execute the nodes by Nstbrowser in the order that they are assigned.
connect the nodes

Step 4. Enter account and password

  • Add the Input Content to the canvas, and edit it.

Nstbrowser requires you to fill in the CSS selector or XPath selector of the target input box here. Let's take CSS selector as an example instruction here:

  • Open your browser and visit the Twitter "Sign in" page.
  • Hover over the input box to enter your username.
  • Right-click and select "Check", then open the Devtool tool.

In the Devtool tool, you can see the detailed structure of the page. Here we see the following structure of the username input box for Twitter login:

Twitter login
  • Choose input[autocomplete="username"] as the CSS selector.
  • Populate its ID into the Input Content node.
  • Select +Use Variables in the Content item, and click the "Username" column from Excel we just imported:

Step 5. Submit Form

  • Find the Keyboard node on the left side and add it to the canvas.
  • Select Enter in the "Key".
  • Connect it to the node where you entered your password, so you can successfully submit your account!
Submit Form
  • Next, you will be required to fill in your password, and the process is almost the same as above:
fill in your password

With the configuration here, we have successfully logged into Twitter.

Let's celebrate together!

1. Configuring a Schedule

We need to create the Schedule in order to get RPA up and running now.

In the Workflow list, click the "+" button in the Actions to configure the Schedule.

Configuring a Schedule
  • Name: Schedule's name.
  • Profile: the profile you want to run (more than one is ok).

2. Execute Schedule

Click Scheduled in the left navigation bar then you can enter the Scheduled list page.

Execute Schedule
  • Find the Schedule you have created.
  • Click the "Run" button, and Nstbrowser will log into your Twitter account automatically in the selected Profile!


Antidetect browser can be used not only to prevent tracking, but it can also be extremely useful in the field of multi-account management.

In this post we learn:

  1. the definition and benefits of an antidetect browser.
  2. Efficient and easy multi-account management using Nstbrowser's RPA and powerful website unlocking solutions.

It's time to avoid website tracking and web blocking with our anti-detect browser!