Data Isolation for Enterprise Security

Access data and web pages securely from our Cloud Container browser. Isolate from devices to maintain network and data security.

Create a Secure Browsing Environment in the Cloud

Ensure web browsing security and protect against network attacks.

Secure Sessions with the Cloud Browser

Protect endpoint devices and network data from attacks and infections by implementing a secure, anonymous virtual browser environment.

Ensure Private Browsing and Data Isolation

Run browser instances in each separate container environment. Completely isolate the device from web activities, effectively preventing threats such as phishing sites, malicious files, emails, or scripts.

Protect Data Privacy with One-time Sessions

Completely delete malware, cookies, browsing history, browser cache, and fingerprints after each session to ensure data security and privacy.

Remote Access to Cloud Desktop

The cloud-based browser interface delivers web workflows securely anytime, anywhere, on any browser, ensuring protected access.

Secure Access Environment for Untrusted Activities

Network and device protection

Accessing through a virtual browser allows session transmission to local browsers, effectively establishing secure isolation to safeguard networks and devices.

Malicious websites and file detection

Effectively detect and block malicious websites and file contents to prevent attacks and infections on devices and endpoints.

Completely separate browser environment

Provide independent, isolated environments for each session to effectively ensure data security and prevent potential threats.

One-time browsing

Nstbrowser destroys each browser session access and eliminates online traces, ensuring data privacy and non-traceability.

Secure network research and information collection

Offer a secure, anonymous environment for network research and information collection to safeguard devices from attacks.

Access to untrusted web pages

To securely access untrusted web pages, Nstbrowser eliminates web-based attacks during browsing and protects operations such as downloads and uploads.

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