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Monthly Billing
Annual Billing
$0 / mo
$299 / mo
$0 / mo
Browser Profiles
Different Profile Launch Limit
1000 (Once / Daily)
Beyond Different Profile Launch Limit
* Different Profile Launch Limit:Each subscription includes a certain number of startups. The same Profile is started every day. Only one startup is counted, and the number of recovery Profile startups is reset every day.
* Beyond Profile Launch:We allow continued use beyond the usage of the subscription plan. The excess usage will be charged according to the single price and a bill will be generated.
* One-Time Profiles:We provide profiles for automation and data capture, which will give priority to the number of times the subscription plan is used, and will be billed at a lower price when the amount is exceeded.
Team member
Beyond Team Member Limit
$0.18(Member/ Daily)
* Beyond Team Member:Each time you continue to add members after the number of team members exceeds the subscription plan, you will be billed and generate a bill based on the daily unit price of the excess number of people.
Authority Management
Upload Plugin
Window Management
Batch Creation
Cookie Management
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Which Subscriptions should I choose?
We offer unlimited browser profiles and teams for all subscriptions. However, each subscription plan comes with a certain amount of usage for use. If you exceed your usage in the subscription plan, you can continue to use it, but you will incur additional billing bills, and you will need to pay additional billing bills.
Can I unsubscribe at any time?
Yes, you can turn off 'Continuous subscriptions' at any time in the 'Subscriptions' setting. You can continue to use your account after closing the continuous subscription until your current billing period ends.
How do I change my subscription?
You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription by changing the schedule. The upgrade subscription will take effect in real-time, and you will pay the difference between the remaining price of the old subscription and the new subscription and complete the payment. If you have a downgraded subscription, the fee will be automatically deducted and effective according to the new subscription after the old subscription ends. We will automatically deduct fees from the Credits. Please confirm that there is a sufficient Credit.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment via Paypro、Sellix. More payment methods can be viewed on the page.